18 09, 2013

EU-Thailand Free Trade Agreement: Not at the expense of access to medicines

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Following the official launch of the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the EU and the Kingdom of Thailand in March 2013, Thai officials and EU negotiators are meeting this week (16-20 September) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to conduct a second round of negotiation of a trade agreement that both parties want to achieve in as little as 18 months.

25 07, 2013

Hepatitis C: Shame on Gilead!

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Hepatitis C: Shame on Gilead! Version Française ici People living with HCV who are in an urgent need of new treatments should get an early access to compounds that are in their latest stage of development, and therefore not yet on the market. The French early access system called ATU (Temporary Authorization of Use) allows this [...]

23 07, 2013

Death of Éric Ohena Lembembe

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Eric Lembembe Ohena’s horribly mutilated body was discovered on July 15 in his room located in Tongolo neighborhood in Yaoundé, by his colleagues and friends worried by his disappearance. He was last seen on Friday July 12 in the company of three men. Policemen and firefighters had to force themselves into the room to extract the [...]

26 04, 2013

The French National Medicines Agency blocks vital data on hepatitis.

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The French National Medicines Agency blocks vital data on hepatitis. While an international conference on the Study of the Liver[[http://www2.kenes.com/liver-congress/pages/home.aspx]] in which important data is provided on clinical trials to evaluate new drugs against hepatitis is held in Amsterdam, we condemn the withholding of information the French National Medicines Agency (ANSM) oppose to the patient groups. [...]

28 09, 2011

Novartis attempts to weaken Indian Patent Law threatens to restrict access to live-saving medicines for millions in the developing world

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This afternoon, Act Up-Paris protested in front of Novartis-France headquarters in Rueil Malmaison, a town near Paris. The activists blocked the entrance of the building and shut the gate. They unfurled a banner which said « Over our dead bodies », recovered the entrance of fake-blood and chanted slogans such as « Shame, shame, shame on Novartis». Novatis decided to call the police. The protest aimed to denounce the policy of the Swiss firm which is suing the Indian government in Court. The next hearing will take place on the 17th October in New Delhi. If Novartis wins, the ability of India to produce cheap generic medicines for new molecules will be strongly affected. This is a declaration of war to people living with the diseases worldwide. Act Up-Paris condemns this action of the vulture Novartis.

20 06, 2011

Funding crisis : your support is essential !

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Our association is currently undergoing a serious funding crisis. This has obliged us to cut our expenditure and will shortly force us to reduce certain activities in order to survive. Less than a year from the presidential elections, we are nonetheless convinced that the cause of people living with HIV and/or co-infected with Hepatitis, and minorities serve as a deterrent to sarkozyism. Act Up-Paris needs everyone to mobilise, by committing with us to the fight against AIDS, or by helping to fund our projects.

22 07, 2010

UNODC : War against drugs is war againt drug users

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As « a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime », UNODC blocks actions of prevention and harm reduction. Act Up-Paris and other activists protested about the consequences of its criminal deadly policy : stigmatizations, emprisonment, repression. Leading to a lack of prevention and treatment, new contaminations and deathes. UNODC must stop the war on drugs.

22 07, 2010

Act Up-Paris closes BMS’s booth

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Today, Act Up-Paris and other activists took possession of Bristol Myers Squibb's booth during more than half an hour. After having closed the booth, they asked to talk to a representative of the pharma lab. They talked to the head of the communication who answered activists questions ­— into the megaphone and in front of lots of video cameras ­— regarding the issue of the threats of stockouts of the pediatric antiretroviral Videx. The activists wanted to denounce Bristol Myers Squibb contempt towards people living with HIV, and CSOs.

21 07, 2010

HIV / HCV – Silence = death

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2010/07/21 - Activists against Pharma Greed in the Exhibition Room of the Aids 2010 Conference in Vienna. The first round of protest regarded the HIV/Hepatitis Coinfection issues