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8-Feb-12, Paris: Yesterday an Act Up-Paris activist, who managed to find her way through the so-called “Civil Society Dialogue” meeting, confronted the European Commissioner regarding the impact of the trade agreement being negotiated by EC for years without any democratic consultation. As the activist was talking about the worldwide demonstrations against ACTA or the Free trade Agreements, Karel de Gucht casually stated: “I am not impressed by anti ACTA demonstrations”.

This proves De Gucht’s contempt towards any democratic expression. Any responsible person having concern for democracy and common interests would pay attention to the hundreds of thousands of citizens protesting and would take serious note of the petition signed against ACTA by 1,8 million people.

It is very evident from his statement that De Gucht despises democracy, he despises the rights of the citizens of a democracy and despises their freedom. He despises the life of people living with HIV or any other serious disease, who had also demonstrated against the murderous agreements being negotiated by EC De Gucht.

This supposedly “Civil Society dialogue” was in itself a proof of De Gucht’s contempt for democracy as half of the “organizations” invited were lobbyists from industries.

History will remember De Gucht as a relentless enemy of democracy and a big danger for patients around the world. Act Up-Paris demands Karel De Gucht to quit from his position.