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Two days ahead of a Pfizer shareholders board meeting in New York, activist AIDS patient group Act Up-Paris threw blood on the façade of Pfizer headquarters in France today, in a demonstration against the drug company’s unethical AIDS research.

Pfizer is the only drug company not to abide by the recent request of the ethics authorities of France, Spain and Germany to improve its controversial international HIV drug trial.

Research ethics watchdogs from the three European governments have requested the pharmaceutical industry to only test its new class of AIDS treatments so-called CCR5 inhibitors on the more healthy AIDS patients, and not perform the tests on the more advanced ones. While GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough have abided by the request, Pfizer has chosen instead to retaliate by hurting the patients : Pfizer is altogether pulling out its investigational medicine from France, Spain and Germany, thus punishing healthier AIDS patients for the ethics authorities¹ protectiveness of the weaker patients.

«Pfizer’s unofficial excuse for its deadly conduct is that it is under pressure from stockholders to beat GSK and Schering-Plough in the race to take CCR5 inhibitors to market. So now it’s up to major Pfizer holders, such as Barclays or Fidelity, to let Pfizer know that it can’t just go around trampling ethics like this» said Act Up-Paris Treatment Advocacy Officer Fabrice Pilorgé. «With the ungoing scandal over deadly Pfizer painkillers Bextra and Celebrex, you would think CEO Hank McKinnel would try to clean up his act, but it seems to only make him even more bent on cutting corners» Pilorgé added.

The core reason raised by French, Spanish and German ethics authorities for their decision to limit CCR5 inhibitor tests to the more healthy AIDS patients is that, so far, Pfizer has failed to demonstrate safety and efficacy of the candidate drug beyond a mere 10 days of treatment. Only the healthier patients should therefore take the risk of taking the untried medicine, since over 15 other treatments of proven safety and efficacy are available.

CCR5 inhibitors present the advantage of blocking the AIDS virus before it even enters human cells. If successful, CCR5 inhibitors should have fewer toxic side effects than conventional treatments and offer hope to patients whose virus has developed resistance to older drug classes. Pharmaceutical industry analysts have estimated that a successful CCR5 drug should make Pfizer around $700 million a year.

Because CCR5 inhibitors may be valuable for people with AIDS, Pfizer must immediately resume making its investigational product available to healthier AIDS patients in France, Spain and Germany.

Act Up-Paris calls on Pfizer stock holders [[The following 10 biggest Pfizer investors together hold 22% of its stock : Barclays Bank (4,1%), Fidelity Investment (3.8%), State Street Corp (3.1%), Vanguard Group (2.2%), Wellington Management (1.9%), Deutsche Bank (1.6%), Northern Trust (1.5%), Axa (1.3%), Citigroup (1.3%) and Mellon Financial (1.3%).]] to let Pfizer know that its profits must not come at the expense of the health of trial participants during the shareholders Board meeting of next Thursday April 28th in new York. Act Up-Paris further requests the resignation of Hank McKinnel on grounds of his complete disregard for medical research ethics.

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